About JD

Lying in a hospital bed in San Pedro, California on October 6, 1984 a pregnant woman named Kathy was reading a very intriguing novel. The next day she gave birth to a baby boy and named him after her favorite character in that book, Jesse Daniel. Since that day, JD has affected the world in a number of ways.

JFDxmyMiaCamilaPERSONAL LIFE: The most prominent way he has made, and will continue to make, a difference in this world is through his daughter, Mia Camila. Jesse Daniel and Mia Camila may live apart, but are very close. By enrolling her in a private Catholic school he hopes to create a foundation of morals and values that will lay the groundwork for her respect for others. In contrast to a more conservative approach in the classroom, at home he is known to always present new and inclusive views of the world to her. Through this fusion of learning methods, he hopes to present multiple world views and approaches to her life as she grows into adolescence.


JFDxLiveHostingWORK HISTORY: Outside of the home, Jesse has made a positive impact on the communities he served by being a voice in entertainment for the past 10 years. His personal mission is to give a platform to others that would not initially have one. He started out bridging the gap between the traditional Spanish media and Mainstream media producing Spanglish radio shows and TV content. JD’s work was instrumental in exposing the bilingual (Spanish/English) culture which eventually led him to a non-profit organization in Los Angeles, CA developing and delivering Spanglish content for an evolving demographic.


Jesse WorkingContinuing a career of producing content and marketing has led Jesse Daniel to sunny Orange County, CA where he now works and resides. Currently a Marketing Strategist for one of the largest business and professional training companies in the world, he has developed multiple winning strategies for top clients. Combining his time spent in the non-profit arts world and the marketing strategies of the business professional world, it is here that Jesse gained the inspiration for this blog.


JFDxPOD087HOBBY: As a self-proclaimed Audiophile, Jesse loves music and is truly inspired by musicians. Having worked with the largest independent arts organization in the world for many years, Jesse created and developed an online platform for their network of musicians to be heard on. This 24 hour online stream of audio is called RAWdio. Currently a personal passion for Jesse, he acts as the Programming Director for the stream, in charge of curating content (shows and music).


Random Fact: Jesse loves the ocean and chasing sunrises & sunsets. You can find photos of these and all the above topics on his Instagram.

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