McDonald’s Ice Cream Cone

McDonalds Ice Cream 01I’ve never been one to make New Year’s Resolutions. If there’s something you want to change in December or at any time of your lkfe, do it then. No need for a specific date to make a change in your life. But, just as we all start to think about our education in September, the resolution spirit was in the air January 2014. Sometime in the first week or two of the month I had McDonald’s. I couldn’t tell you what I ordered, but it would be the last time I had it. It would be my last McDonald’s meal of my life. I had already known my addiction to McRibs was a problem (see the many podcasts and posts I’ve shared about going 5 cities to find a McRib one night, to eventually order 3 at once). But the gratifying high of this savory food started to wear off as I was open to new healthier food options. My girlfriend at the time didn’t eat meat and I would see the foods she ate and tried them and instantly fell in love. (With the food.) But old habits die hard, until that final meal. I felt slow, sluggish, and just sick. I knew what it was, my body was rejecting the processed chemicals (I wont call it food from here on out) I was putting in my body.mcrib-fiI’ll spare the videos and research that I know you’ve seen floating around facebook. But all that aside, my body had gotten a taste for real food and really started to reject that which wasn’t. How much of a cow/chicken can a burger really be if it costs $1versus a $50 steak from a nice steakhouse. It’s not the meat I inherently am against. It’s the non-meat I’m scared of. Throughout the month of January, still opposed to resolutions, I dedicated to just trying other options besides McDonald’s and Beef. Chicken sandwiches from Carl’s, chicken soft tacos from Del Taco. And I still felt the same way. Maybe it WAS the meat!? Fine, quesadillas, fish sandwiches, fries, loaded nachos, etc. I would carbo load for most of the rest of 2014, but never again at McDonald’s and after a fish sandwich from Jack in the Box did me dirty, never again at Jack. Sometime later that year I walked into an empty Carl’s Jr. No one was at the register. I walked back to behind the counter to see if someone was there, saw the chemicals used to prep, was grossed out and ran to my car. Never again would I eat Carl’s Jr.McDonalds Ice Cream 02Fast food places were dropping like flies. Throughout the years since 2014 I learned how not to carbo load. The importance of fruits and vegetables. And other plant based proteins. However, Del Taco was the cheat zone for weekends and club nights. Quesadillas and bean burritos still found their way into my life. And not to say I haven’t had a quesadilla or bean burrito at all this year, but not from Del Taco. Why not? I don’t know. Maybe this is when my responsibility to society came into play. I would much rather buy a bean burrito from a local vendor than a national conglomerate. To wait a few minutes extra and pay a little more and support a local business and probably get a slightly better product in the process became important to me. So you’re probably still wondering why I have a vanilla ice cream cone from McDonald’s in my hand. There’s a point in your life when you need to look at the things you do or have been doing and analyze boundaries or reassess why you do something. For me, at some point between 2014 & 2015 it had been a while since I’ve had McDonald’s and I wondered, so what’s the boundary. Why would I not go to McDonald’s? In what circumstance or situation would I go back? It was at the moment I decided, what they serve is more than 50% chemicals versus food. Is everything chemical? Is there any product that I would still eat somewhere else that is exactly the same product at McDonald’s. Of course there is, ice cream. What is ice cream: Frozen sugar and not much else. I don’t think McDonald’s would make ice cream that defers too drastically with other chemicals than that of an ice cream I’d get at a Baskin Robbins or even Food 4 Less. To be blunt, ice cream seems like a product you can’t really mess with too much. So here I am with an ice cream cone from McDonald’s. The only thing I’ve consumed from McDonald’s in the past 3 and a half years. And probably only once every 6 months do I make this purchase. Today was that day for 2017.