About the Blog

IMG_8078It was August 10, 2017 that it all came together. As I hugged the curves of Newport Coast Dr. directly towards the Pacific Ocean approaching Pelican Hill, I did what I too often dangerously do while driving. Think. The whole time synapses firing off in my head connecting and sparking. It was actually the sharp glare of the setting sun as I rounded the final curve that snapped me back into reality. But the seed of inception had already been planted. I opened the notepad in my phone and proceeded to tell my phone what exactly I had been thinking. The note in my phone’s notebook reads as such:

Non profit travel blog

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am writing to you from (location) Alaska. I have decided to write a blog that you can read to help contribute to (cause) the fleeting seal population of Alaska. I will be living off of (amount) $50 a week. If you want to read the blog this week you pay (amount) $1. After I make my living expense of $50 I will donate every dollar extra that comes in to (cause). I hope you enjoy my blog.

When I say “anything you want to do | you can do today”. I mean it. It doesn’t mean it will be the final supreme form of what you want to do, but you can begin to take the necessary steps required for any task RIGHT NOW. And that’s exactly what I did here.

IMG_8649The ultimate goal, as iterated in the note, is to live simply by providing content, and giving a need a platform. With an expansive career in professional content creation and successfully creating multiple platforms for musicians and artists of multiple genres, I thought: I can do this. I must do this. Or at least try.

This version of the blog is the first step in making that happen. Being blessed to have a job that can currently support my standard of living as a single father of one. And a flexible work-life schedule to be able to take relatively short trips to places well outside my comfort zone. I am able to bring new experiences and new voices to my community. In recognizing my place of privilege to be able to do so, I would like to serve a purpose for my journals and invite you to participate.

The blog will be split into 2 types:

  • Reader Supported Non-Profit Travel Blogs
  • Personal and Local Thought Pieces

Reader Supported Non-Profit Travel Blogs

These blogs will live up to the original mission statement of providing content for a cause. I travel to a location and will volunteer for a non-profit organization in the area. My half of the service will have been completed upon arrival. Upon my return, I will write a blog to be posted here about the community served. With your half of service being a $1 donation to the same non-profit organization I served at, you will be given access to the full blog content posted on the site.

Personal and Local Thought Pieces

Realizing that not everyone will desire to contribute to every cause, there will also be free full length blogs and thought pieces written in between travel dates. These can range from thoughts on a personal topic such as relationships, living situation, or personal goals and motivation. To generic thoughts on local events, food, or other happenings.

I invite you to participate in the conversation I wish to spark by sharing these thoughts and voices. Instagram will be the primary form of providing updates to the blog. And feedback in the comments and direct messages is encouraged! I appreciate your time in helping make a difference.

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