Pasadena Pavilion

Pasadena Pavilion LogoFor the past year+ I have had the pleasure of working with the team at the Pasadena Pavilion in Memorial Park – Pasadena, CA. As host I have gotten to meet so many great people on the lawn in the community. In addition, the musical talent that I’ve had the opportunity to share the stage with has always been of the highest caliber. I’m talking Grammy award winning musicians, legendary artists with sold out albums and tours, and just down right good live music.

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However, I’ve always wished I’d be able to see and introduce a band/musician that I personally know and have been following. Every year when the summer concert series starts, I post and I hear the pleas to get on stage. But by that point the schedule has been printed in LA Weekly and there is nothing I, nor any staff member, could really do to alter the schedule. I always tell you, January/February, they are looking for talent and building the schedule. Get your name in then. So here I am, telling you, Get Your Name In!

Here’s some info about the Pavilion to make sure it’s a fit for you. And then following, I’ll let you know what we need from you.

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Location: Memorial Park, Pasadena, CA

When: June/July/August/September

What Genre: Americana, Jazz, Blues, World, Reggae, Latin, Children’s

Last Year’s Artists: Barbara Morrison, Sheila E, Katey Sagal, Pete Escovedo, Dustbowl Revival, Mark Lindsay, Rocky Dawuni, Jimmy Webb, Mariachi Divas, The Chamber Brothers, and many more…

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How to submit:

Although I do not have any particular vote or say in the booking process, I can get your demo into the hands of the bookers. You could email them direct at: Or you can email me, and I can hand it off with a reputable suggestion.

What they need:

Your music. A link to hear your recordings.

Live performances. A link to see any live performances you may have.

Photos/Website/Social Media. Makes it easier to remember you by.

Send this info to by the end of February and I will make sure it at least gets into the hands of the booking team. Job has pay available based on experience determined by booking staff.

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Also, please note, this is not a confirmation of my return as host or employment at any capacity with the Pavilion. I do not have any details of the 2018 season at all except what is public on their Facebook page. I am simply trying to help out my local music community by getting information into their hands.