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Pasadena Pavilion


For the past year+ I have had the pleasure of working with the team at the Pasadena Pavilion in Memorial Park – Pasadena, CA. As host I haveĀ gotten to meet so many great people on the lawn in the community. In addition, the musical talent that I’ve had the opportunity to share the stage with […]

A Word


can I have a word with you? it is never that though. a paragraph, a paraphrase a sentence, thought, or statement made a parable or pair of words but never the singular, most profound uninterrupted combination of letters may I have a word with you? as if there was one that, withheld, would warrant such […]

Orange Country


I moved to Orange County, CA in 2013. Yet most my life was still in Los Angeles. It wasn’t until a year+ ago that I completely enveloped myself in the territory. It was then that I realized there were 2 things I would not go a day without hearing about: Country Music & Jesus. Let’s […]

Message – Gratitude

Featured Image - Message Gratitude 01

This wouldn’t be a message of gratitude if I didn’t start by saying thanks to the person who invited me to speak on the topic this weekend. After about 5 years of being connected online and seeing each other perhaps once a year at most Jessica Eileen began to invite me to her monthly worship […]