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Escape or Propose

Featured Image - Escape or Propose

Proposing to Krysta, easy call. Planning the proposal, not as easy. LOL. The idea came to me while we were walking through a game store in Santa Monica. A game themed proposal would be fun! And that’s where the idea sat for a while as I pondered the rest of February through March on developing […]

Oncology Hope

Featured Image - Oncology Hope

Oncology. I could have gone easily 10 more years not knowing what this word meant. What it’s code for. What it really means. So far I’ve been saying: my situation, my thing, because of the (you know), but never calling it by its name. I have an oncological problem. Is that thing? Is that what […]

Hands On in San Diego

Featured Image - SD Food Bank

Giving back while traveling is great, but what about the communities where you live and work. The day after hosting for RAWartists San Diego I went to participate in a San Diego county Hands On event. With volunteer work sometimes you know what you are getting into, sometimes you don’t. This was the case signing […]

Orange Country


I moved to Orange County, CA in 2013. Yet most my life was still in Los Angeles. It wasn’t until a year+ ago that I completely enveloped myself in the territory. It was then that I realized there were 2 things I would not go a day without hearing about: Country Music & Jesus. Let’s […]



  Jesse has been hosting live Art/Fashion/Music events for the RAWartists organization since 2011. Every month in over 60+ cities worldwide RAW showcases visual artists, photographers, filmmakers, performing artists, musicians, and fashion, hair & makeup artists. Jesse started off as a resident host at their Riverside location and successfully earned new residencies at RAW: Hollywood, […]