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It was August 10, 2017 that it all came together. As I hugged the curves of Newport Coast Dr. directly towards the Pacific Ocean approaching Pelican Hill, I did what I too often dangerously do while driving. Think. The whole time synapses firing off in my head connecting and sparking. It was actually the sharp glare […]



KFRTO is a Youtube channel produced by: Jesse F Daniels, Melina Rodriguez & Dennis Pastorizo. The channel is a collection of irreverent and comedic original videos and parodies. Shows include: Queen of the Kitchen starring Dennis Pastorizo as Denise, the woman cooking 3 Minute Meals for her 1 Minute Man. Guest hosts join Denise as she […]

being a father to: myMiaCamila


|From Partying Days to Daddy Ways| There comes a time in one’s life when everything changes. For me, that was in August 2009 when my daughter Mia Camila was born. Working in entertainment prior was a different scene for me. Partying days only begin to describe my focus in life. Well, the focus shifted, but […]



SPECIALS THANKS to : & To learn more about Art Is My Drug, Events/Videos/Message: CLICK HERE AIMD – FEATURING videos hosted by Jesse F Daniels To learn more about MEDIA PERSONALITY, RJ Andrews (Ronnie Jr), check out the footage below : Additional Thanks to “SPICY” MARICELA FERGUSON More Info @ / REAL 92.3 fm : Personality […]